It all starts with a Good Photo!

You can take a great photo right from your smartphone. Here are some tips from our experts.

  • Eye Level : Take your pet photo at eye level. Crouch down when taking photos.
  • Close Up : Try to take a close up, so we can see your pet's unique details. Head to chest is what results in best.
  • Eye Contact : It works fine both ways when the pet is looking at the camera or away from the camera.
  • Pose : Take a photo when your pet is sitting up or standing, not laying down.
  • Light : Outdoor natural daylight always results in the best photos. Most important try to avoid bad lighting and body shadows on your pet.
  • Crop : Upload an uncropped photo where no body parts are out of the photo.
  • Low Resolution : Please avoid blurry photos, screenshots and downloaded photos from social media.

Some examples of photo that work best

Quick Notes

  • We always try to adhere to any notes mentioned in orders but cannot guarantee it. Example : We cannot remove a collar or a bandana from a photo, but we can indeed do some minor edits like removing some spots, red eye, etc. 
  • We review all photos before we start to create a portrait. If a photo is not as per our guidelines, we will notify you and work with you in finding a picture that will work. 
  • But sometimes due to higher order volumes, reviewing of photos is often skipped. In such cases, we will try our best to produce a high level artwork but generally result will not match that shown on our website and social media pages.
  • That's why it's so important that you provide a photo that is of a high quality and meet our guidelines.

Unsure about photo? We can help you pick the best photo!